Winner’s Parade: Carnival Highlight

What comprises the winner’s parade and how is it good?

As the final leg of the festivities of the Rio carnival, the Champion parade is one of the bigger highlight of the festival. It is where 6 of the most outstanding samba schools execute their routines and their amazing celebrations once again in front of the whole nation and essentially, the whole world. This will be done on March 08th and it will be the closing performance for the festivities. There is no stopping the energy of these amazing schools which is by the way the reason as to why they are hailed as the best. The 5 samba schools vie for the crown as the Carnival champion of the year and it brings them great honor to take part of the celebrations year after year.

There are many established schools that vie for that crown and some of them have won more than 20 ever since the 1930s. As a tourist, you can take part of the festivities by buying tickets which are considerably cheaper than the previous parade ticket prices. The Carnival champion parade is much more subtle but with the added fireworks and the undying energy of the participants, it is like a whole new scene once again. If you danced with one of the chosen schools, you will also dance at the Champion parade. It is such an amazing experience to dance once again with these amazing and beautiful people.

The Carnival champion will be stated after all the votes have been tallied but in reality, being part of the Champion parade is already a feat since everyone in the Rio carnival did their part in making this presentation the most amazing one in the world. Nothing can beat the energy of the Brazilians and their passion for Samba and the Rio Carnival. Watch the Carnival champion as it is worth the time and the money.

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08 de Sep de 2014
  1. how do i book to see the winner parade today live on the internet or else

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