Five fun facts about Rio Carnival for you to get in the party mood

There are many interesting facts about Rio Carnival that a lot of people don’t know. With so much tradition involved, a multitude of amazing stories and thousands of colors, people, allegories and wonderful creations to watch, it’s normal to not know about everything. So here are five fun facts to feel a bit more like a specialist about it. 🙂

1 – The flag-bearer dress is always gorgeous, right? But it’s not easy to maintain the pose! It can weigh up to 40 kilos. Kudos to these amazing women that wear the costume, carry the flag and smile for over 700 meters along the parade, all of this while dancing the samba!

Prancheta 1

Photos: Riotur

2 – Wanna know which schools can brag about never having been dropped to the second division? You can count with one hand: Portela, Mangueira, Beija-Flor, Salgueiro and Mocidade. Respect!

Portela, Salgueiro and Mangueira - Carnaval 2018 | Photos: Riotur

Portela, Salgueiro and Mangueira – Carnival 2018 | Photos: Riotur

3 – And when did it all start? The first Carnival parade, a celebration that didn’t have the samba schools yet, was in 1855. It was established by a group of intellectuals and had the presence of many important people from that period, such as D. Pedro II, the emperor of Brazil at the time. That’s a real high class VIP!

4 – The first parade with samba schools was held in 1932. The rules where different, so each participant could sing up to three different samba songs. Mangueira was the champion. The green and pink has the tradition of being a winner multiple times!

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5 – Rio Carnival is in the Guinness Book as the world’s biggest carnival! A party of enormous proportions and a contagious joy even greater than the floats and the driving drumline. Only those who have experienced the party can really know how amazing it is!


Photos: Riotur

15 de Jan de 2019