Vacation Rentals in Buzios

Want to pay less for accommodation, but still have the comfort of a home?  You can opt for anything in Buzios.

Buzios offers some fantastic options for holiday makers looking for rented apartments and villas. A majority of the people visiting this beautiful peninsula prefer rented beach houses or villas as they are a cheaper than expensive hotels and a more affordable option, especially for long vacations.

Advantages of Vacation Rentals

The greatest advantage of staying in vacation rentals is the flexibility that they offer. You can stay for however long you want and save quite a bit on food as most of them have fully equipped American kitchenettes. Of course, they offer a greater space for relaxing and are suitable for couples, families and even larger groups. You will be saving money so that leaves more for other vacation experiences or even extending your vacation by a few more days.

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Prices vary, depending on the location of the villa or apartment. Places closer to the central area will be more expensive. Prices are usually quoted per apartment, very often they can accommodate up to 6 people. There are vacation rentals to suit every kind of budget and offering some great activities and amenities. You can also find some great package deals. Many places offer 1 week packages covering 7 nights, 8 days which cost a fraction of what you would pay for a fancy hotel.

Amenities and Facilities

Many of the vacation rentals are spacious, having separate living, sleeping, dining and kitchen areas. All the rooms are loaded with modern amenities like air conditioning, TVs and outdoor amenities like swimming pools and loungers, Jacuzzis and separate barbeque areas.

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30 de Sep de 2010