Samba Schools – Sizzling Up Proceedings During Rio Carnival

So, now you know where to go to catch all those sizzling hot samba dancers – the Rio de Janeiro Carnival!

Rio Carnival is the most famous street party anywhere in the world. The four days and nights prior to Ash Wednesday are the most celebrated ones in Brazil, with the entire city closing down for euphoric and wild celebrations. Rio de Janeiro Carnival hits the streets in a big way, with displays of glittery sequins, colorful feathers as far as the eye can behold.  The celebrations continue well into the night and dawn of the next day at the spectacular Sambodromo where various samba schools compete fiercely with others, each trying to win the minds and hearts of carnival goers during Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Rio Carnival Samba schools can either be actual schools or simply collaborations of neighbors who wish to participate in Rio de Janeiro Carnival.Famous schools like Mocidade Independente, Academicos do Salgueiro, Imperio Serrano, Beija Flor de Nilopolis and Unidos da Tijuca is included. Each school has to choose a theme to portray a short story during their entry. All schools work hard to prepare the most unique floats and costumes that represent their themes. The music that the band or bateria composes is also in tune with the theme. Each school’s entry is marked by many parts and involves participation of thousands of supporters. The parades of Rio Carnival begin with the entry of 10-15 people called comissao de frente who set the theme and mood of the school. Important roles are played by mestre sala (who draws attention to porta bandeira, his queen) and porta bandeira ( the lady in charge of the school flag). The people who populate the floats wear the most luxurious and expensive but heavy costumes. One main floatee is perched at the top of the float. The samba school also comprises of the ala das baianas (at least 100 women) who march between and alongside the floats. With so many samba schools putting on their best displays during the Rio Carnival, how will it be possible to select just one as a winner? Book your hotel now to visit Rio during Carnival!

10 de Feb de 2014