Samba School Mangueira: The Essential Brazilian Icon

Nothing beats this name but what makes it that strong?

What can you think of when you see pink and green? Certainly, without a doubt, it would be Mangueira samba school. The school is considered as one of the oldest schools in Brazil that rose out from the slums and became the very first champions of the Rio Carnival in 1932. This school is colorful, vibrant, talented and full of amazing surprises that you should not miss out!Mangueira samba school is a pioneer of the Carnival that we see and experience today and they pride themselves of their amazing history and brilliant future for the next Mangueira 2011.

Mangueira Samba School during the Rio carnival parade

In 1928, Carlos Cachaca and some of his good friends decided to set up the Mangueira samba school. Their very first presentation consisted of masked dancers that are led by a samba teacher. The dancers are followed by a percussion group. Later on, the women were allowed to join the school. Floats were then added to the festivities and then themes were made to make this massive group of dancers have a cohesive story to tell.  The Mangueira samba school also added instruments to create a cacophonous band.

The Mangueira samba school has won 18 titles including the 1984 super bowl title upon the establishment of the Sambodromo. Up to this time, the Mangueira samba school is the most respected and disciplines schools that promote programs for children and they also defy corruption and drug involvements. They have a very traditional way of doing their samba dances but they add a modern twist. Of course in the future, the Mangueira 2011 presentation will probably evoke a similar appeal yet the most important thing here is execution. Mangueira 2011 has involved itself in building a positive environment for all its members and it is a very strong contender all the time in the specialty group.

12 de Oct de 2010
  1. We are 4 Australians who will be in Rio on a Cruise ship for Carnival Saturday 1st March to Tuesday 4th March…
    How can we join in the parade?

    Gaybo8 years atrásResponder
    • Hi Gaybo, you can purchase a costume at our website: and be part at the parade. We have a variety of ground costumes or floats ones and you can choose at your preference.
      If you have questions send us an email: [email protected]

      Thank you for your commment.

      Regards, Fabi Silva

      Fabi Silva7 years atrásResponder