Samba? Only if it’s at the Pedra do Sal


The Samba music is not only a wonder of sound but also one of the most striking symbols of Rio de Janeiro. So if you are a local or is just visiting the city but is looking for a fun and relaxing gig, the Pedra do Sal, at the Morro da Conceição, must be your next stop!

Colorful and filled of interesting people who wants to enjoy good music, the place that is considered the best night of samba in town, is part of a region historically called “Pequena África”, aka little Africa, because used to be sacred to orders and offerings of African religions.

Samba na Pedra do Sal

Photo: Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

At the XIX century, the slaves used to extract from there pieces of stone to build streets and the port of Rio, since it was located next to the sea it served as well as a point of loading and unloading of salt, hence the curious name “Pedra do Sal”, aka “Stone of Salt”.

Monday night is a classic of the Pedra do Sal, it’s when the best shows of the place happens. The round of samba starts at 7pm and all kinds of people show up and stand around the stone and its steps just to hang out and listen to the music. Around the place is easy to find cheap beer, drinks like the famous caipirinha and delicious barbecue. The fun is guaranteed!

Adress: Street Argemiro Bulcão, Saúde
Monday, 8pm

26 de May de 2016