Rio Carnival Costumes: What you should and what you shouldn´t do.

Knowing more about your costume will ensure you have a great time during the parade.

Do you know that you can actually shop for Rio Carnival costumes? Indeed, there’s no sweeter way to let your friends drool with envy than to let them see you on the platform and be one of those that will capture the attention of thousands of people. Closer to the dates a lot of options will be available, and you can choose the perfect one for you. If you are ready to book your carnival items, I have great news. There is one costume available with early bird prices to parade at Império da Tijuca!

Here are some advices we all should take when it comes to wearing Rio Carnival costumes:

Find any of the Rio Carnival costumes that you want to wear. You need to keep in mind that the carnival is all about sexy samba music and dance. Since there are lots of options, some of them are more regular, like big pants and jackets, especially for man, and others are biquini-like costumes, built especially for women. But note that you will get the opportunity to choose before the parade! Pictures will be available at the website.

Parade dancers at Rio Carnival Samba Parade

Know your size. The best Rio Carnival costumes are those that can flaunt and make you feel like the star of the carnival even if you have no chances of winning it. That’s why the size really matters. To know your size is simple: look at the chart that will be provided at the website and measure yourself. Even though, if the costume isn’t exactly your size you will have people to help you with the little adjustments just before the parade starts.

Wear it at the right time. Each Samba school has its own costumes. If you buy a costume from a particular samba school you cannot parade with that costume at any other school and they have their own schedules. Those that are officially considered to be competitors, 12 of them, perform for two nights on the main parade (Special Group) and six perform again on the winner’s parade the next Saturday. We also have the Access Group that will perform Friday and Saturday before the Special Group. Costumes for both groups will be available.

Go to the right group. Don’t embarrass yourself by wearing your costume to the wrong group. When you arrive at the parade area you will see all the samba schools together and a lot of people gathered. If you walk a little bit you will immediately know where you belong since you can spot others who wear exactly the same costume that you will be wearing. Arriving at the correct time will also help you with that. Then you just gather with your alikes, waiting for the parade to begin.

Be there at least two hours before the parade. After finding your spot, make sure that you can have yourself checked out by the president of the wing where you’re going to dance. That’s why it is recommendable to arrive there at least two hours before the schedule of the parade. It is good to ensure that you’ve worn the costume right, if you need to adjust anything, and also, for you to have some time to practice the dance and the music with the rest of the group.

Wear it during street parties and balls. But only after your performance. The best thing you can do is wear some light clothes under your costumes, so you can take it off after parading, if you want. But the costume has to cover every clothe you might have at the bottom. This is really important otherwise they won’t let you participate. If by any chance that is not possible, don’t worry about taking off your Rio Carnival costumes right away. You can party your night away with them and never have to feel awkward with that. A lot of people will be also wearing costumes all over Rio. On the streets, on the bars, on the balls, everywhere! But please only wear it for other purposes after participating on the samba parade. In case you damage your clothes before the parade day, you won’t be able to perform. Enjoy the moment, it’s all about having fun!

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28 de Feb de 2014