Portela: The Winner Takes It All

A record breaker and a record maker, Portela Samba School never stops in making history!

Winning 21 titles in the Rio Carnival, more than any other samba schools across Brazil, the Portela samba school is one of the most popular, revered and oldest schools. It has undergone a lot of name changes from its inception in 1930 until Portela Samba School has been formally established as its official samba school name. The symbol of this traditional school is an eagle which is very expected at the parade. The samba school fans wait anxiously with its every year expected moving Eagle opening the school parade, followed by an ocean of beautiful white-and-blue costumes and floats.

Aside from its many wins and prizes, the Portela samba school is home to some notable samba composers such as Paulinho da Viola, Aniceto, Candeia,  Noca, as well as Monarco to name just a few. One of the biggest moments of the Portela was in 1995 when it was the Special Group Winner with their plot Gosto que me Enrosco. Some other notable plots of Portela samba school is from 1970, a winning plot named Lendas e Mistérios da Natureza and the 1984 championship plot Contos de Areia.

Portela Samba School Canival 2010 parade Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Aside from their plots, the Portela samba school is very popular among brazilian MPB singers like Marisa Monte and Gilberto Gil. They also have the most amazing drum sections that really put amazing beat to the Samba performances. Of course they are notable for bringing in some amazing guests like Naomi Campbell in 2005 and Quincy Jones in 2006.

We will certainly await the Portela 2014 and their great musical madness as well as possible guests that will make everything really fun and vibrant. Portela is truly an iconic school to behold in the Rio Carnival, so you better prepare to go there next year!

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16 de Sep de 2013