The Modern Wonder: Itaipu Dam

As massive machinery that brings power to two nations, no wonder Itaipu is very popular!

The marvelous Iguazu Falls does not only provide tourism to the people of Brazil and Argentina. The falls and the river itself provide impeccable water flows due to its majestic heights and water flow. These qualities of the water bodies enabled the countries of Paraguay and Brazil to come up with one of the biggest projects in energy manufacturing. The Itaipu Dam is one of the biggest dams in the world and it provides massive power to the Brazilian and Paraguayan nations. Brazil alone relies on the Itaipu Dam Iguazu for 40 % of the energy resources. The Itaipu Dam is the result of a heavy negotiation between the two nations in the 1960s. A final decision was made and it was called the Iguacu Act that was signed in 1966 by The Brazilian and Paraguayan foreign ministers.

Itaipu Binacional tour

Of course there have been discontents and issues during the construction most especially on its environmental impact by displacing various watersheds and leaving the Guairá  Falls a sad memory of the past. Of course modern Brazil and Paraguay are looking into the future as the energy from the rivers, the reservoirs and other sources of water remain in constant motion to keep power in better conditions. Itaipu Dam has also become a great tourist location and is one of the great marvels of modern construction. If you wish to go for a quick glimpse of the tour, they offer 30 minute rides across the dam. If you want a technical tour, you need to make a reservation so that the technical tour of Itaipu Dam Iguazu can be scheduled.

Itaipu Dam is a marvel of modern innovation and is a fantastic offering for the modern man. It supplies clean energy to the people of Brazil and is a great step to using fossil fuels. The Itaipu Dam will certainly last longer with its dedicated engineers and binational administration in keeping the two countries happy with their power consumption and supplies.

05 de Nov de 2010