Marau: The hidden treasure

A peninsula of majestic beauty, Marau is a definite must-see location.

General info about Marau

In between the equally beautiful Itacare and Morro de Sao Paulo lies a beautiful paradise called Marau. This is a peninsula that extends along the territories of Camamu and Marau. The discovery of this location led to the creation of a new tourist destination. It has amazing ancient architecture and a fishing industry. It has perfect waters, beaches, coconut trees, natural pools and a charm that never goes out of style. It is a highly recommended place for those who like unique and refreshing experiences. You should definitely check out this location since it is one of those unique areas that are very special in Brazil.

Accommodations in Marau

There are a number of hotels and posadas in Marau. You can enjoy breathtaking views from the ocean side of the posadas. They offer great amenities for your comfort. Air conditioned rooms, cable TV, access to internet, a mini bar, nice bedrooms, and a fantastic ocean view are already great benefits of these posadas and hotels. You can access the posadas by going online and making a reservation so that you can book a space for yourself. Pamper yourself and experience the impeccable beauty of Marau. Choose a good hotel that will match your idea of a real relaxing getaway. One luxurious hotel option is Kiaroa Resort.


Activities in Marau

You have a variety of ways of experiencing Marau. First is the beach and water experience. Aside from the swimming and the diving and other fun activities in this area, you should take advantage of the boat rides and the trips to waterfalls around the area. You can also do a trekking trip to visit the backdoors of Marau and the unique flora and fauna like the Bromeliad which are fantastic flowers perched on branches of trees. You can also benefit from amazing cultural trips to communities across the area.

Tours in Marau!



29 de Jan de 2011