Great Bars At Buzios

Night life would not be complete without a trip to the bar!

Partying on the beach would not be complete if there is no good drink to have. The great thing is that there are amazing bars in Buzios that can cater to all your needs for fun and amazing social drinking with friends, partying all night long or just having a bottle of beer by the beach front. Buzios bar venues are concentrated mostly on the town proper most especially along the ocean front. The bars here offer amazing cocktails, and wines and they are really amazing. There are bars such as Captain Bar and Ponto Bar are great because of the drinks. You can also go dancing while having a drink in night clubs like the Privilege Bar. If you are more of a food and beverage person, you should try Massaroca Pizza Drink that offers beers and pizzas for a fun time talking with friends and even new acquaintances. There are some bars that offer patio views of the ocean front.

Guapoloco Bar and Restaurant - Buzios Brazil There are also Buzios bars that offer window side seats to the view of the streets. The bars in Buzios are teeming with diverse cultures and each culture enriches the amazing atmosphere of the locations. You will definitely love the diversity. Be aware that the bars and restaurants and most of the establishments around Rua das Pedras are not open until 2 PM so if you plan on getting something going on with your day, go there by late afternoon. Have fun first under the sun on the beach or if you are planning on dancing all night until dawn, be sure to get some sleep on your room so that you can really take advantage of the beauty of the street and the amazing energy it has for all those who seek to have fun. Buzios bar and other establishments are open for your needs. Read here more about Buzios Nightlife.

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12 de Oct de 2010