The Facts About The Samba School

Is it a school? What else is in store?

Do you learn Samba? It is probably an innate aspect that is unique to Brazilians. They are just great at Samba. Now we go to the Samba schools. The first thing you have to know is that these schools do not really teach samba. This is an organization of people mostly within a certain community that help out each other in building the most amazing floats, create costumes, rehearse dances and make other administrative and artistic choices for the Rio carnival entry that they will present it is a lot of work and the carnival samba school must prepare months and months before the event itself.

The Samba schools are categorized in a variety of levels. The first one is the special group. This is the most outstanding and illustrious samba schools that have won several times already in the Rio carnival. Their elaborate floats, amazing samba dancing and the energy they give for their passion are intense and will certainly rub off as intense and inspiring at the same time. Of course there is also the A group of the Samba schools and these are the ones that compete to become part of the special group. They exert immense quality in their performance and their routines. It is very essential for them to achieve success as it will help them catapult their passion to a whole new level. Another one is the base groups of Samba schools that is made of smaller groups of individuals and also strive to reach the top with their performances. The children’s group of Carnival samba schools branched out from the bigger schools.

The passion of Brazilians for Carnival and for Samba itself is very strong. Even the youth are doing their best to take it to a whole new level. The spirit of their forefathers will live on forever in the dance and it will certainly live on forever.

24 de Feb de 2014