Do you want to be part of Carnival? Pick your favorite sector and have fun!


Rio’s Carnival is one of the greatest spectacles that you will ever see in your life. To make sure you will have the best experience we made a list with the characteristics of each sector so you can pick each one fits you better!


Foto: Ramon Moreira | Bookers International


This sector is the most cheerful and democratic in the whole Sambadrome. With na aerial view that guarantee that you will have a good look in every School that will pop in the Avenue! The steps are made of concrete and you can use them to seat and watch the parade. The only area of this sector that has marked seats is the number 9, however the seat is not predetermined. If you are the type who likes to be close t the drums to listen to the music, sectors number 10 and 11 are the best ones! A good tipi s to get there earlier so you can pick the best angle to watch the Schools make your heart beat at the sound of samba!

Allocated Chairs

For those who would rather have a predetermined seat, this is a nice area and the price of tickets are cheaper! Localized at sectors 12 and 13, on the limito f the Sambadrome, the revelers can get a closer look at the final moments of the parade. The chairs have formats similar to those of the theater, with the corridor on ramp that give a great look of the Avenue.

Open Boxes

Do you want to get the closer look that you can get? This is your seat! This sector is super close to the runaway and is divided in four lines, from A to D. Each box has numbered chairs and accommodate 6 people and it’s going to make you feel like if you were a parto f the parade!

Covered Boxes

These seats are located in the middle of the Sambadrome, in front of the jury in the sector 7. If you want to evaluate each Schools, this seat is for you! This seat just like those on the open boxes are individual, the difference is the coverage and the fact that they accommodate 12 people in padded chairs located at the row D. The view of the runaway is perfect and in case of rain, you know you won’t get wet!

Luxury Suites

This sector is awesome and the revelers love it! It has covered area with air conditioner, buffet, open bar, waiters and security guards. A great option to go with your friends and Family. The tickets are also individual.

Folia Tropical

This ticket covers a large area for a thousand people, drinks and food, bilingual receptionist, track view for the parade, and transportation! Here the fun is not exclusive for the runaway, you can also enjoy shows that will happend during thhe break of each School!

Now that you know the characteristics of each sector and you know that you can’t miss the greatest show of the Earth, visit our website and guarantee your ticket! We promise you’ll have a blast!

08 de Dec de 2016