The charming appeal of Buenos Aires is simply inescapable

Buenos Aires is a dizzying combination of beaches, beautiful weather and a vibrant crowd will make you never want to leave.

Buenos Aires Argentina is a fiery South American city with the charm of a European metropolis. One of the largest cities in South America, it is a metropolitan with both chic localities and shanty towns making it rustic and elegant in its appeal. Its distinct culture, gourmet cuisine, great night scene, shopping avenues, entertainment and top notch activities are all your for the asking. Tango shows, theatres, clubs and bars here display their great Latin flair.

Walking is the best way to explore the city during daytime as there are lots to see. In addition to that, Buenos Aires has many open spaces, beautiful parks and botanical gardens. This heart of Argentina throbs for football and has unmatched frenzy for the sport. Do not miss a chance to catch a game here.

Many a city tours will show you the highlights of this terrific place including landmarks, architectural wonders and several neighbourhoods like Microcentro, San Telm, La Boca, Palermo, Congreso, etc. Since this urban destination receives tourists from the world over and offers an array of options and good services. Buenos Aires Argentina is also one of the world’s most gay friendly cities.

Although not dirt cheap, visitors from affluent European and North American cities will find its offerings economical. Buenos Aires has many lodging choices ranging from extreme opulence to basic and economical alternatives to suit every traveler’s pocket. Food ranges anything between 5 pesos for hot dogs to 50 pesos for sumptuous dinners at deluxe restaurants. Transportation is both convenient and affordable with bus, metro and city taxi options.


Buenos Aires - Argentina


A pleasant city Buenos Aires can be visited all year round. Summer is prevalent from September to April and mild winters are enjoyable from the month of June up to August.
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13 de Nov de 2010