Carnival and the variables evaluated in the parade

Carnival is a big party, but that does not stop this carnival joy to have also a great competition at the Sapucaí, where the samba schools fight for the title.

Since we are not all experts in the competition, an enlightenment is always welcome. For example, there are nine items evaluated by the judges in the parades. And we will tell briefly what is considered in each.

It is the “sing along”, when all school members should follow the lyrics and the pace in a synchronized way; not sing or sing different parts cost points.

Two factors are assessed: the quality of costumes, along with uniformity, and the creativity of the costumes, they must match the school’s theme. Members with contrasting clothes or in bad conditions undermine school.

Allegories and props
We can summarize in cars and accessories. In this regard, the judges evaluate the allegories on wheels and items used by the dancers beyond the fantasy; they also need context with the theme.

Allegories and props

Allegories and props

The Flag Bearer and Her Escort (The Flag Bearer or “Porta-bandeira” who carries the school’s flag and her symbolically appointed protector or “Mestre-sala”)
The greatest symbol of the school is the flag, which must be honored and respected. The “Mestre-sala” is evaluated by the procession, reverence and submission of the “Porta-bandeira” and the shield of the club.

The Flag Bearer and Her Escort

The Flag Bearer and Her Escort

Front Commission
Composed by the members that open the school’s parade and present the plot through a choreography. The synchrony and the presentation between them is rated, as well as creativity of clothing; they are required to present themselves in front of the cabin of jurors.

It is the evaluation of the music sung on the avenue. It needs to be grammatically correct, in addition to convey the best way possible the story’s theme. This, of course, with a good melody and rhythmic evolution.

The Bateria (percussion band):
It is the pounding heart of the school. It must be tightly synchronized and give fluency to the members of the club in the avenue. It encompasses all the instruments, from lightweight to heavy.

It’s the way the theme is narrated. The groups need to be organized so that the story becomes understandable in that order. The theme lyrics are also relevant.

Briefly, there cannot be gaps between a wing and another or running around (or even a quick stop) so that the school fulfills the stipulated time. The parade should occur naturally and with beauty, with the fluid movement of the members.

Now it will be much easier to follow the carnival to the end results. But better than that, is to enjoy this great spectacle in Brazil’s most joyful holiday, right? Don’t stay out!

26 de Aug de 2016