A brief history of Buzios Dwellers

Ever wonder how this amazing peninsula got peopled? Find out…

Buzios is a melting pot of cultures. From its earliest written history to the modern times, Buzios dwellers greatly impacted how we look and appreciate this peninsula. As early as 1500s, we already know that the Indians have already been cultivating and using Buzios before the French pirates got into the picture. Tupinambas Indians are the first true Buzios dwellers and they survived using hunting and fishing. By growing corn and cassava, these Buzios dwellers were able to live pretty stable and sustainable lives. By the time of the French and Portuguese bout on Buzios, the Portuguese were able to influence the native Buzios dwellers. The entry of the English culture minimized the population of the native Buzios dwellers.

The Portuguese have totally changed the cultural landscape and added up to the influence most especially in the language. These new Buzios dwellers also infused new industries such as whaling which had to stop around the 18th and 19th centuries because of the intense depletion of whale species.

For many years, the Buzios dwellers have continued their humble fishing industry until a pivotal moment when French actress Brigitte Bardot’s visit to the land changed this location into a tourist spot for the jet setters. The Buzios dwellers developed the land to fit the needs of the international market.

To date, Portuguese speaking Buzios dwellers are still the biggest population in this peninsula followed by those coming from different locations around the world. Many people have fallen in love and stayed in this paradise. The diversity of the people makes Buzios an amazing location.

The cultures have changed but it still has that unique Buzios flair. It is a sophisticated, laidback and special mixture of people that adds up to the allure and appeal of his amazing peninsula in this blessed country.

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13 de Nov de 2010