Brazilian Carnival Costumes Are Yours For The Taking

Have you imagined yourself wearing one of the elaborate, exquisite and colorful Brazilian carnival costumes and parading in the Rio carnival?

The Brazilian carnival costumes are such delightful and beautiful creations that just feasting your eyes on them is a brilliant experience. But, the thrill of actually wearing one and parading in the Rio carnival is an experience that is remarkable and unforgettable.

Brazilian Carnival Costumes

The Brazilian carnival costumes are designed by Samba school that gets to participate in the Samba Parade. Each costume is unique to the Samba school that has created it. The costume is designed to display the theme that the Samba school has chosen to represent during the carnival. The theme can range from anything in Brazilian history, geography, politics and culture.

Creation of the Costumes

The creation of these Brazilian carnival costumes is a long and painstaking process. Once the theme of the Samba school is decided, the costume designer then has to create a design, style and features that represent that theme. Then, comes the process of procuring all the material that goes into creating thousands of costumes for all the members that will join the parade. Finally, there comes the production of the costumes. The costumes are typically so elaborate as well as highly detailed this entire process takes months.


Getting your Costume

These Brazilian carnival costumes are yours for the taking. Choose the one costume that takes your breath away and join the Samba school that it belongs to. You will not only get to wear the costume during the carnival, you will also get to parade with the Samba school, either on one of the floats or marching alongside them. Of course, the costume will then be yours to take home and proudly display to intensely jealous family and friends.

So, how about looking at all the brilliant Brazilian carnival costumes and choosing one that is just right for you?

After you use the costume on the samba parade, you can also use it on the many Carnival Balls held in Rio. Click here for more info!

What about the street parties ? Another way to display your costume and mingle with locals!

05 de Mar de 2011