Boipeba: Two Worlds In One Island

We seldom see a rich ecosystem but Boipeba delivers really well in terms of natural beauty

General info about Boipeba

Boipeba is one of the islands in the archipelago at Tinhare which is at the south of Bahia State. Boipeba is surrounded by the ocean on one side and the inferno estuary on the other. It is a location of unique natural beauty which is home of a great variety of ecosystems. Boipeba is made up of a dense Atlantic forest with very unique land features like marshes, dunes, mangroves, and beaches with amazing reefs at the bottom. The Boipeba is an ecological wonder at its finest. Sea life is thriving in Boipeba and you will love the diverse variety of sea creatures that live in the area as well as some birds and other animals that live on the various land features.

Accommodations in Boipeba

One of the accommodations you can take advantage of around Boipeba is Pousada Alma Viva which was established in the 18th century and still keeps its old world appeal. It is quite small with 4 rooms so you should try to make reservations as early as possible to get a room around Boipeba. There is other bed and breakfast type of hotels around Boipeba so you should take advantage of these hotels. There are hotel and travel booking sites where you can go and get in touch with these hotels and pousadas. Pousada Tassimirim is one of the options you can choose from. Pousada Tassimirim is on the superior category and will provide good quality for your needs.


Activities in Boipeba

You should definitely have a camera photo and video. Boipeba is a very unique location that you should not miss out on everything that you see. Word would not suffice the grandness, the multitude of beautiful sights, the ecological value of Boipeba and the fun experience by the beach. Do not miss out on all of these experiences. Boipeba is a great place to visit as it is like the microcosm of a whole country already. The unique interplay of earth, water and the organisms that are present here interact to create a living paradise they will certainly appeal to everyone who likes to go for nature trekking.

16 de Nov de 2014