The 5 best Carnivals in the world

There’s no doubt that the biggest Carnival in the world happens in Rio de Janeiro. But do you know what are the other super cool and famous Carnivals around? We have 5 great tips for you – Rio included of course!


Carnival of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
The most popular party in the globe, Carnival in Rio is well known for its Schools of Samba parade. But the fun is not something exclusive of the Sambadrome. If you don’t want to watch the parade, you can just wear your favorite costume and go to the streets where there is always some extremely fun parties happening!
This party is in the soul of those who were born in Rio so it won’t be over until Sunday after the Champion’s Parade. It’s thrill that you have to experience at least once in your life!
When: 5 days before the Lent
Duration: 5 days of parade, from Friday to Tuesday
Dimensão: Approximately 3 million people, 100 Samba Schools, 300 Bands playing in different neighborhoods.
Feature: Sambadrome, place where the main Schools of Samba parade happens.



Rio de Janeiro Carnival


Notting Hill – London
Known as the biggest popular in Europe, this party is all about having fun!
It counts with the participation of Brazilian samba blocks and schools. The London School of Samba and the Paraiso School of Samba are the responsible for taking the Brazilian style of Carnival to London, with passers-by, costumed revelers, floats, batteries and wings.
When: Every last Sunday and Monday of August
Duration: Two days of parade Dois dias de desfiles.
Dimension: About one million people and 50000 artists.
Feature: Around the parade’s route there at least 40 points so people can stop by to listen to some music and try Caribbean typical dishes.


Notting Hill Carnival


Mardi Gras – New Orleans, USA
The most famous Carnival in the United States happens in New Orleans, the city of jazz. During the event, the music takes the streets and the parades are dedicated to Mythological characters such as Edimião, Orfeu, Bacchus and King Zulu. I salso very common to see family picnics near the Mississippi River and masked balls with costumes inspired by the French of the 18th century during this party.
When: Starts on January 6th, the 12th night (Epiphany Feast)
Duration: Two weeks before the Mardi Gras
Dimension: Around 250 thousand people in the city.
Feature: The necklaces of beads and all their dimension.



Mardi Gras Carnival


Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Spain
Behind the Brazilian festivities that happen in Rio de Janeiro, this party is the second biggest Carnival in the world. The festival is known as Corso and counts with 100 groups of 50 components that represent the trupes of Carnival that will go to the streets wearing costumes and playing music to party with the citizens and visitors that are in town. The festivity is not just about Caribbean rythm but also dances and even electronic music.
When: A week before the Lent
Duração: The Corso happens on the Fat Tuesday
Dimension: It involves more than 100 musical groups
Feature: The Carnival’s Queen Contest



Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Carnival


Carnevale di Venezia – Italy
This party lasts 10 days. During the night, the balls happen in big halls and the parades of Compagnie Della Calza make the city even more fun and beautiful! The costumes are inspired by the 18th century and are characterized by noble masks, white faces with black silk clothing and three-pointed hat.
When: Two weeks before the Lent
Duration: 10 days
Dimension: Hundreds of people
Feature: The festival of masks and costumes inspired on the 18th Century



Veneza Carnival


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