Why Choose Bookers International?

Experience, Great Service, and the Best Prices Online to Brazil.

At Bookers International our associates are all experienced in putting together the best travel arrangements for you and your friends. We take great pride in our work and great joy when we have pleased you or any of our loyal travelers. There is nothing in the world of travel that we will not do for you to make your trip to Brazil an experience of a lifetime. As a matter of fact, we love Brazil, and we want you to fall in love with it too.

Our Purchasing Volume Makes you Save!

Our buying power represents great savings for you. Our long-time relationship with a wide network of local hotels and power travel wholesalers, make it possible for us to offer incredibly affordable and low hotel rates via our websites. Our local offices thrive to create second-to-none hotel and package deals as well as to offer the best negotiated contracts for hotels, services and travel packages.  And that includes the entire South America.

Low Low Prices – We Promise!

At Bookers International we work hard to get you the lowest rates in airfares and hotels. It is our duty and our obligation to shop around and compare the rates of different airlines or accommodations. We do not just check one but several times as prices can change overnight. We can’t you will not find cheaper hotel rates anywhere else. But when you do, we want to not only match the price but send you a special gift related to Brazil. That’s our way to thank you for a well worthy remind.

We Give the Best Bang for Your Buck!

Because we have worked hard to establish relationships with the hotels in South America we have been able to offer rock bottom prices to you. We also pre-book and pre-pay rooms in large blocks for special events, such as Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and New Years all over the continent. Taking the Rio Carnival as an example, our low low prices make it possible for us to sell more rooms, more tickets to more people. We end up welcoming thousands of carnival party goers who  have paid ridiculously less for their packages. That what makes us the absolute leaders for the greatest party on earth.

Best In Customer Service.

Our Bookers International family is dedicated to helping all our clients have the best traveling experience of their lives. To this end we are always ready to help our clients. We are quick to respond to questions and waste no time putting together packages and making reservations. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Our team is there to help you plan your trip as well as assist with any issues during your trip.

We Know South America.

Our experienced staff is very knowledgeable about South America. We can determine, simply by speaking with you, what kind of trip would work best. We can tell you which Amazon tour you will like better and which beach on Buzios is perfect for your family or perfect to surf. We know where to buy beach clothes and which romantic restaurant to recommend so you can surprise your partner.  We know this country in and out and will provide you with a trip that suits all your needs.

Be Happy and Do Not Worry – Leave the Traveling to Us!

Our Travel Consultants are knowledgeable and dedicated. Nothing gives them more pleasure than putting a smile on your face or receive that thankful “all-went-so-great” call when you return from your trip.

Bookers International is your best travel agency on the internet about Brazil, Argetina, Chile, Peru and other South America spots. We specialize in trips to Rio Carnival, Patagonia, Beaches, The Galapagos and all that the rich South American continent has to offer. And it’s a lot. We know this continent so well so we can plan a detailed itinerary for our clients in just a few hours. We are determined to keep our clients happy and coming back for more.