The WHEN’s of Rio Carnival in Brazil

Here are some important information regarding Rio Carnival

Carnival officially begins on Friday!

Carnival in Rio starts days before Ash Wednesday. In the first day of the celebration, street parties, band competitions and parades populate the streets of Rio to welcome everyone. It’s the first day of parades at the sambadromo and the Access Group is responsible for the fun.

Weekend Celebrations goes until Monday…

From Saturday on, people from all over Brazil and hundred of thousands of tourists from all the world go to Rio for the festivities. On Sunday and Monday, the most awaited presentations are scheduled and each day 6 of 12 most outstanding Samba Schools in the special group portray their show to the world.

We all know of fat Tuesday, right?

It is the day when a person does all the things that will not be permitted when the Lenten season begins. Well, fat Tuesday happens to be the last day of the most popular party in the whole world known as Rio de Janeiro Carnival! It is an amazing expression of life using dance, music and a whole lot of colors.

When is Carnival 2014 in Brazil after all?

Carnival falls on a different date every year, about 40 days before Easter. In 2014 it will start on February 28th and end on Wednesday March 5th.
Brazilians close their offices and shops, and throw themselves into a manifestation of freedom and happiness, day and night, on and off the hot crowded beaches and streets, just at the peak of summer. Don’t you want to join?

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