When in Brazil for Carnival Find Out What You Can Do.

It is carnival in Brazil. Where are you going? Still unknown to many, the country has a number of festivals and carnivals that you can be part of. It is only a matter of preference.

If you want the most authentic Brazilian style of party, then the carnival you should attend would be the one in Olinda and Recife.

Only half an hour from Recife, in the city of Olinda, there will be no bands, stage, or any other component that is normally present in a festival. However, people line up into the streets and party as much as they want. You can definitely hear a myriad of songs and see native dance movements, such as the Frevo. This is the best place to blend in and learn more about the culture and heritage straight from the mouths of the local people.

Recife is more commercial than Olinda, with its stages, musicians, and even bands that always play Brazilian music, especially forró and axé, to the crowd. Moreover, the town has great support from its government, with a better infrastructure that can also provide to the tourists details of the events and their respective schedules during the whole carnival.


You can also go to Salvador de Bahia, which is considered to be the second most popular carnival in Brazil. Held in Bahia’s capital Salvador, the festival features the artistry and the unique music of the Trio Eletricos. These are actually big vehicles where musicians and bands are mounted, and they go all around the city while playing their music, with thousands of people following them. Their songs are the ones that will compel both the locals and tourists to get into their dancing motion and just follow the rhythmic beats.

Moreover, each of these cars and musicians have their own themes and style of music. If you have any preference, you can always follow the one that you like, trekking their route all day and night long.

However, the major and perhaps the most anticipated carnival in Brazil is the one in Rio de Janeiro. It is the most famous attracting thousands of people into the country. Unlike the Carnival in Salvador, which it’s more like an homage to the instruments of the country, or the festivals held in the hilly city of Olinda and the streets of Recife, which are more to the local people and less commercialized, the carnival in Rio speaks in gargantuan proportions when it comes to props, pomp, and pageantry.

It also has two different meanings. For the secular community, it is a competition of various samba schools found all over the city. These schools are divided into two general groups, access and special, which have their own schedules of performance. And, for the deeply religious, the festival is a way of saying good-bye to the needs of the flesh, since the festival usually is held one week before the Lenten season.

So Regardless of which carnival you are going to participate in Brazil, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life, plan your trip and let us help you choose what suits you better.

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14 de Feb de 2014