Unidos da Vila Isabel – 2011 Rio Carnival Samba School Series


Learn the Samba and Synopsis of Unidos de Vila Isabel Samba School for 2011 Rio Carnival

Synopsis for 2011

Theme: “Mitos e Historias Entrelacadas pelos Fios de Cabelo”  ( Myths and Stories Interwined by Hair)

Vila Isabel will tap the history and mythologies from around the world for themes to do with hair, its symbolic and seductive powers. With hair as their theme,  Vila Isabel will have a shampoo brand sponsoring their parade, and the brand’s cover girl, famous model Giselle Bunchen will be parading as one of Vila Isabel school’s highlights.

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More About the Unidos de Vila Isabel

Vila Isabel Vila Isabel is all about community. It is the strong and faithful people of this small village that rallied behind their Samba school and pushed them into the Special Group. Their colors are peach and white the same as the local soccer club. Vila Isabel is the only school that year after year renews its vows not to accept tourists in its wings, thus not selling costumes for anybody not engaged with the community in the process of preparing the carnival.

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Theme for 2011: Mitos e Histórias Entrelaçadas pelos Fios de Cabelo.

Parading Date and Time: 3/6/2011 1:20:00 AM

Colors: White and Blue

Rainha (Queen):

President: WILSON VIEIRA ALVES (Moisés)

Carnival Art Director: Rosa Magalhães

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07 de Jan de 2011