Top Do’s in Rio de Janeiro Carnival

So how to best leverage your participation in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival? Here are some great suggestions:

1. Book yourself ahead. The festival attracts a lot of of people all over the world. So it is possible that most of the accommodation options, especially near the Sambadrome, where the performances are held, and also the cheapest ones, are going to be fully booked before you know it. Airfares are also less expensive if you buy that in advance.

Websites such as can already sell you the tickets at least a year to four months before the actual event. Also, you can easily pick the airfare, your choice of accommodation, tours and transfers and customize your own package. This way you will have more time to plan what you are going to do once you reach Rio de Janeiro. You will probably have a lot of questions and the knowledgeable specialists will always be there to help you, by phone or email.

2. Get a costume. You can surely watch the dances on the sidelines, either on the benches or on the ground, but if you truly want to experience the carnival, then you should aspire to become one of the dancers. And you can do so by buying a costume.

Along with the tickets, the dresses will also be sold online, at and the pictures will be there so you can just choose the kind of dress you want to wear. A sort of options will be available. This will be your pass, so you can join the samba schools, most of them belonging to the access group that parades on Saturday. Costumes for the Special league parade on Sunday and Monday will also be available. Yes, you will have the opportunity to dance on the platform and to the unique samba beat and in front of millions of people – a once in a lifetime experience.


3. Forget about renting a car. It will save you time and hassle if you’re just use the subway, public buses or by taxi when you’re already in the city, especially if you’re going to watch the Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade. You will hardly ever find the parking lot around the area, as most remaining space would probably be converted into a party area. Rio de Janeiro is well provided in terms of public transportation and all the main attractions are easily accessible, including the Sambadrome, so you really don`t have to worry.

4. Bring along your friends. Travelling alone may be a great experience. It’s easy for you to meet a lot of new friends, especially in Rio de Janeiro during the Carnival. But it’s still different when you get the chance to share the entire experience with your loved ones. Besides, a lot of travel agencies can offer discounts in travel packages when you decide to go to Brazil with a group. Even if you come only in 2 the price per person will be much less expensive. You can also have someone to share the experiences and expenses with, making the entire trip more affordable and pleasant for you at the end.

5. Watch a samba school rehearsal. There are a number of performers in the Rio Janeiro Carnival that come from the various samba schools, access and special league, and the carnival is all about the competition among these schools. So you can have the opportunity to spend a lot of time dancing, or simply stand there and watch – the drums, the music, and the beautiful people will really catch your attention. They give their hearts to the Carnival. Expose yourself to these samba schools and learn some basic movements! The best thing is that, even if you are not able to watch the parades by any chance; you can always go to any samba school rehearsal and learn some moves before you fly back to your country.

6. Roam around. If you have the time to visit Rio de Janeiro only, don’t miss out the Scala balls, and the different bars and nightclubs around the city, not to mention the countless street parties. You can literally spend 5 sleepless nights in Rio. But don’t limit yourself to one place. If you have a little more time, you can head on to the beaches around Rio, or the historical towns such as Salvador or Recife, very well known for their street Carnival as well. Or even the Amazon if you are a nature lover! Explore as much as possible about Brazil and its culture during the Carnival period.

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03 de Feb de 2011