Top 10 Tips for the Samba Parade Spectador

If you are about to book or have booked tickets already you must read this post!

A Carnival Samba Parade is one of the best events at Rio Carnival if not the best. For that reason we have gathered some essencial information so you can enjoy Carnival at the Sambadromo without worries.

Take a look at our Top 10 tips for you:

1- The sambadrome accommodates approximatelly 73.000 people per night. Only to watch the show, not counting paraders. Not all will attend at the same time but traffic usually occurs at the beginning and at the end of the show.

2- It’s a safe place, you can take your camera. But be aware at the surrounding areas. Tourists usually look like tourists and smugglers might take advantage of your “I’m-not-a-local” look.

3- The samba parade starts at 9pm and goes until 5am in the morning. Keep this in mind when you choose your clothes and be prepared for an all-night event.

4- Children under 5 years old are not allowed. Documentation will be asked at the door. Note that children of 5 years or more, pay full fare just as adults.

5- Most sectors are open areas, so in case of summer rainshowers, you will be out in the rain. Take raincoats but not umbrellas or you might disturb other people’s view.

6- It’s ok to take food and beverages you just need to keep a limit of 2 plastic bottles of 500ml each and 2 food items (fruits, sandwiches, cookies…) per person. You can also buy food there.

7- The best way to attend is by shuttle buses or public transportion (bus, subway or taxi). There are no parking lots, so don’t ever take a car to the samba parade.

8- Sambadrome is divided into two sides: even numbered sectors and odd numbered sectors. It’s hard to go from one side to another, not impossible but a very tricky mission.

9- Wear light clothes and confortable shoes. You will be out all night and some times you will be standing up and dancing. People also use fun accessories such as hats, tiaras and other carnival stuff. You can easily purchase those at street vendors.

10- There are food stands in every sector and they accept major credit cards. Since you will be there all night is good to know you can have a bite whenever needed.

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Crowded Grandstand at Samba Parade

02 de Mar de 2014
  1. Cómo es el tema de los baños ?

    • Gracias por su comentario.
      Por favor tome nota que detras de todos los sectores del sambodromo estan ubicados los baños.

      Fabi Silva8 years atrásResponder