Tiradentes: A unique colonial town

A quiet town with a lot to give, Tiradentes is a great place to eat

General info about Tiradentes

Tiradentes is one of the smallest cities in Minas Gerais. However, small it may be, but it has some of the best preserved colonial infrastructures in Brazil. It has a population of about 6000 more or less and it is teeming with amazing architecture like the gold-filled Matriz church. Tiradentes is also very popular for food lovers since most especially during August since it is full of amazing food selections from regional restaurants and modern ones. The best way to experience the magnificence of the city of Tiradentes is by walking. Do not waste your gas since this is a great place to walk around.

Accommodations in Tiradentes

There are many pousadas in Tiradentes and they range from simple bed spaces to the more comfortable inns. You can also check out the nearby hotels and inns on nearby towns and cities. During holiday times and weekends, Tiradentes becomes very busy so if you are planning on visiting during these days (which is advisable); book your hotel as early as possible. There are some nice hotels in less touristy cities and it is very near so a little car ride will do the trick, otherwise, try to find a pousadas inside Tiradentes for more access to the events and a walking distance place to stay. Check out hotel options like Villa Allegra and Pequena Tiradentes.


Activities in Tiradentes

The highlight of Tiradentes is the collection of colonial buildings in its old town. You should visit the church, fountains, the museums, stone bridge and some other nice infrastructures in Tiradentes. You can also try small carriage tours which are a 1-hour ride across the city and some other special spots. You should also try trekking in the mountains of Serra de Sao Jose. In August, go for the Cultural and gastronomic festival. It is a very simple city, no beaches but it does have an allure that makes it a fantastic area to visit in this region in Brazil.

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10 de Feb de 2011