The schedules for the Special Group parade are out!

When is time for Carnival, Rio is filled with so many events that is easy to get lost in time! As the highlight of this party is the Schools of Samba parade, you should write down the order of each parade so you won’t lose any part of it! As every year, the special place where the magical the Special Group parade happens is the Sambadrome. This group will parade on February 26th and 27th, Sunday and Monday repectively.

On Sunday, the parade starts at 10pm with the Access Group Champion, the Paraíso do Tuiuti, that will make a show about the 50 years of the Tropicalia movement. At 11h15m, the Grande Rio will make its own show with the famous brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo. At 00h30am, the Sambadrome will be “painted” in green with the Imperatriz Leopoldinense and its appearance based on Xingu. The nextt School to pop on the Avenue will be the classic Vila Isabel, at 1h45am, playing the rythms of America. At 3am, the battery of Salgueiro will run this party with a shw called “Divina Comédia do Carnaval”, something like the divine comedy of Carnival. The last School of the night is Beija-Flor, one of the favorites in Rio’s Carnival, parading about the story of Iracema, a romance written by José de Alencar.
On Monday night, the party also starts at 10pm with the União da Ilha do Governador and its show based on the legend of time according to the tradition of the Bantu, na ethnicity of African people. After the that, the Sambadrome will be taken by the reverence of São Clemente and a satire involving a story from the time of Luís XIV and Brazil nowadays. The Mocidade Independente will parade about Morocco and the Unidos da Tijuca about the United States of America. Portela will make a show about the rivers around the world. The Champion of 2016 Carnival, Mangueira will close the night with a show about the brazilian Faith.
It is worth to remember that each School has 75 minutes tops to parade and all the suggested schedules are na estimate. Now that you have the whole guide for the Special Group parade you just have to choose if you rather be part of the audience or the parade? Guarantee your costume and/or tickets now! And be ready to have the time of your life!


25 de Nov de 2016