The BEST foods of Rio de Janeiro

Beaches, natural beauty, music and nightlife. All this is script for most tourists who come to Rio de Janeiro but if you come and did not have a taste of the cuisine, you cannot say you met the city.

They are many wonderful options, but we will highlight some just to make your mouth water.

For starters, how about a Oswaldo Aranha fillet? Despite its name (its creator was gaucho), the dish is a fillet seasoned in garlic with manioc flour, white rice and Portuguese potatoes, this is the face of Rio, and its common to all traditional restaurants in town.

Already “bolinho de bacalhau” is a classic food of Rio’s “boteco” that was adapted from Portugal. And who visit Rio’s beaches and want to feel like a true local, need to experience the classic combination “Biscoito Globo” and Tea Mate.

18 de May de 2015