Terreirão: a place for those who enjoy samba and want a Carnival warm-up


All samba schools that will perform on the Sambadrome in Carnival 2018 have already chosen their hymns and released the official recordings. That means Carnival season has already arrived. Another hint is the reopening of the Terreirão do Samba project, a venue that will be really important for those who want a Carnival warm-up since the samba schools won’t be rehearsing at the Sambadrome for the next parades.

Here you see a small piece of presentation of a group from Império Serrano samba school that performed at Terreirão early November:

Terreirão is located at a historic site. The renovations that created the grand Presidente Vargas Avenue destroyed Praça Onze, a place with symbolic importance for Rio’s carnival. It was at Praça Onze in 1932 where the very first samba school contest were organized by a newspaper. That was the place were poor people used to spend Carnival while the wealthier population used to go to events at the fancier Avenida Rio Branco, built with a Bélle Époque inspiration.

After Praça Onze was torn down in the beginning of the 1940’s samba schools events were taken to the new avenue. But the site never was lost in memory, being constantly remembered in many themes as the birthplace of Samba Schools.

Terreirão project was conceived in 1991. The grand opening was on February 7th of that year. The objective was to preserve the memory of old composers, give space to the new ones and also serve as an alternative for those who couldn’t afford tickets to watch the samba schools main show at the Sambadrome.

Foto: Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

Foto: Alexandre Macieira | Riotur

This year’s season already received famous samba singers like Jorge Aragão, Dudu Nobre and Mart’Nalia. The event list is long including the Friday happy hour.

On December 2nd, Samba National Day, the activity will be intense with Lecy Brandão, many other samba bands and also the old composers of Salgueiro samba school, one of the most traditional in Rio. During the month the happy hour session will receive other samba stars.

Terreirão is at rua Benedito Hipólito, 66. Admittance is free and the events begin at 4PM or 5PM. You can get there by subway, getting off at Praça Onze or Central stations. For more information check their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/terreirao2018/


29 de Nov de 2017