Taking Note of Rio Carnival Dates

Nothing gets you more prepared for the carnival than having good knowledge on the Rio Carnival dates.

Why is it important for you to remember the Rio Carnival dates? The foremost reason is you do not want to miss out all the activities that are part of the festivities.

The Exact Date

There are no exact Rio Carnival dates. However, you can already estimate when it is going to happen by counting 49 days before Easter. Normally, the entire festival will last for 4 days, with the Samba parades as the highlights, on Sunday and Monday, followed by the last day, the Fat Tuesday. The day after that is already considered to be Ash Wednesday.

Knowing the Rio Carnival dates is also important because clubs and bars would also ride on to the special occasion. The Scala for example, normally holds the Scala balls, which are an extended version of the party. The only difference is that a lot of balls are normally held in bars and nightclubs around the city. They are also practically teeming with people during those four days, but they do not immediately die down on Ash Wednesday. In fact, they can last the entire week. Also, a lot of bars and restaurants are closed during Carnival, especially the ones that don`t have the Samba or the Carnival as a theme. An Irish pub, for example. So if you want to go it is always good to reconfirm before going.

If this seems to be complicated for you, you can just make use of a carnival date finder, where you can already determine the schedule of the festival years ahead. In our website you also have the schedule for the Carnivals of the next 5 years.

Getting Your Tickets

You also need to know the right Rio Carnival dates because you have to get your tickets to get into Sambadromo, where the actual parade will be held. And tickets can sometimes be so scarce especially during the weeks nearing the schedule.

Fortunately, a lot of websites such as http://www.brazilbookers.com allow you to reserve your tickets few months or even a year before the next carnival. Also, you can then take advantage of much lower rates for your accommodation and transportation as well. You will have enough time to plan out your own sets of activities, and work on your customized package.

The most important thing is that this will also ensure that you do not get to deal with scalpers, which usually happens when you are already running out of options. These people seldom sell good tickets, so you are just wasting your money if you will proceed with the transaction.


Get into Samba School

To get the most out of the festival, it is really awesome if you can participate in street parties, or be one of the samba dancers during the parade. When you have an idea of the Rio Carnival dates, you can determine the best time to enrol in one of the many samba schools or “escolas de samba” as they are named in Brazil.

You will also know the theme they are going to represent during the parade, as well as what costumes they are going to wear (enhance further your experience by buying one online). We will have all this information available in our website probably around 6 months before the parades.

If you are not interested in dancing for any samba school, then you can at least watch them during the rehearsals and be the first to witness their tricks and tactics to win the samba competition during the parade. They normally spend 8 months practicing their routine.

Now that you know the dates, check here you and research more about Carnival. 

18 de Feb de 2014
  1. I made reservations through you already, but do not have my tickets yet. Will I have to pick them up in Rio? Location? Are you aware of my reservations, etc.?

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    • Hi Larry, Thank you for your comment.
      You must pick up your tickets at our Hospitality Desk. The address is on your voucher and in case you haven’t received it, I will make sure it is sent again to you. If by any chance you don’t get the voucher send a email to [email protected]

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