Subway is a practical way of enjoying Carnival and sightseeing in Rio

Metro Rio - Carnival

As in every major city in the World, subway is a strategic means of transportation in Rio de Janeiro, especially vital during large events as it happened during the Olympic Games in 2016 and every year in New Year’s Eve or Carnival. Thinking of that, Bookers created a special offer for 2018.

Those who purchase grandstand tickets for even sectors are entitled to a rondtrip subway pass to get to the Sambadrome. Additionally, you may opt to follow our staffers. Every Carnival day at 7PM a guide will leave the Help Desk to the Sambadrome and put clients inside their respective sectors. At the end of every parade one staffer will be available at Sector 2 to guide back to the Help Desk by subway those who wish to leave. The Bookers Help Desk is located across the street from Siqueira Campos Station in Copacabana.

The system had a slow expansion throughout its history, in part to the city’s topography in-between solid rock mountains. The first line was open in 1979.
Currently the whole system has three underground lines and a bus integration carrying about 20 million passengers a year, reaching also Barra da Tijuca, an important district in the city’s West Side.

During Carnival, operation is round de clock to help those who want to attend to the hundreds of parties and also the samba schools parades at the Sambadrome. At any time of the day and especially in the mornings after the parades, it is really fun to be on the trains. You see people with regular clothes going to work among many people with heavy make up and costumes of any sort mixed inside the wagons.

To get to the Sambadrome by subway, pay attention where to get off depending on what sector you will be. Central station is the one for those with tickets for the odd-numbered sectors. It’s necessary to walk about 1 kilometer to the gates. The upside is being able to walk past the floats still being assembled to the parades. Those with tickets for the even-numbered sectors should get off at Praça Onze Station. The distance to the gates is considerably smaller.

Regular pass costs R$ 4.30 (around US$ 1.30). If you plan to use the subway regularly you’d best buy a card at the automatic machines. The minimum charge is R$ 5 (US$ 1.50). The regular working hours is 5AM to 12AM from Monday to Saturday and 7AM-11PM on Sundays and holidays.

Subway is also a good way to visit many touristic points of interest in Rio, some of them requiring integration with other means of transportation. In this list there are places like the Sugar Loaf, Corcovado (from where you can visit the Christ the Redeemer Statue), Quinta da Boa Vista, stadiums and museums or Lapa the bohemian district. It has typical seaside cities rules like allowing surfboards on the wagons as well as bikes during the weekends. On a regular day, bikers can embark in the last wagon after 9PM.

11 de Dec de 2017