Stay In Machu Picchu Hotels To Experience The Trail Of A Life Time

If you want to feel the mesmeric Earth and be enthralled by the magic of nature, come to Machu Picchu hotels.

Peru’s celebrated Inca ruins are located over the Urubamba Valley, glistening in mystery, mist and ancient splendour that allure tourists from across the world. Machu Picchu has become the centre of South American tourism due to the media coverage and rise in the number of archaeological trekkers amongst tourists. The best way to enjoy Machu Picchu is to devote a few days from your travel schedule just for this place. It is not a tourist site that can be visited in a jiffy. For tourists who chose to put up in this town to enjoy the ancient city, Machu Picchu hotels will do all they can to make your stay remarkable. There are many alternatives including plush star hotels in Machu Picchu, economic lodgings and hostels depending on your need and budget.

Hotels in Machu Picchu such as Sumaq is a 5 star hotel located at a little distance from the archaeological site and offers an experience of living in the Inca style with excellent guest service and Peruvian cuisine. Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge and Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotels are good options for tourists wanting 3 star accommodations. Most of these Machu Picchu hotels are maintained and designed in the simple yet beautiful Peruvian style and decorated with tasteful furnishings and fine handicrafts made by local artisans.

Machu Picchu Hotels - Peru

For the rustic travelers there are many smaller hotels in Machu Picchu and hostels such as Hostel Muyurina, Rupawasi Condor House, Gringo Bill’s Hostel, etc These places good service and food, not to mention splendid views of the valley.

Machu Picchu is a small town and does not have taxis or cars as everything is within walking distance. There are many restaurants and inns here, besides little shops and artisan stores. Batteries, handicrafts, souvenirs and bottled water can be bought here.

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