Should children go to Carnival?

One of the nicest things about Carnival is the inclusive spirit. Everybody can have fun! It’s not different for children. There is a lot to learn at the party as well.

Let your imagination run wild! If the parades can transport adults to new worlds and even dream worlds, imagine how it is for kids! Carnival encourages creativity and stimulates innovative thinking, a skill that can be used in several occupations and situations in the future.

Each samba school parade has a theme that relives a part of Brazilian and or world history and teaches about geography, nature and the customs of different peoples. The entertainment arouses interest in learning about the topics and history involved in each parade.

Besides that, it’s a great opportunity for socialization. People are happy and the streets are filled with joy. At the Sambadrome, youngsters will find people from all over the world talking and sharing experiences and opinions. It’s an excellent time to work on communication skills and being polite! But we should remind you that only children over 5 years old are allowed to enter 😉

And some children also march in the parade! The Youth Samba School Parade thrills the Sambadrome on the Tuesday of Carnival and has all the traditional ingredients like its own theme, floats, samba dancers and costumes. It’s super cute!

Do you want to bring your children and introduce them to this magical universe of joy, fun and culture? So #ChooseBookers for Rio Carnival 2020! It will be the experience of a lifetime for them!

11 de Oct de 2019