Scala Balls: Different Balls, Different People

Scala Balls are the place to be during Rio Carnival !

The Scala Balls challenge the common definitions of the balls. They are neither fancy nor formal. You don’t have to limit yourself with the usual coat and tie for men and gala dresses for women. In fact, you can even dare wearing your favourite samba parade costume. However, the balls are never less than grand and flamboyant, making them natural attractions for thousands of people who are in town for the carnival.

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The Scala Balls have been a tradition in Rio for the last forty years; and annually, the club, Scala Rio, has organized some of the best, controversial, well-attended, and talked-about gatherings in the country.


This is one of the very few balls that accept former winners of the samba parade. Hence, if you want to get a taste of the Rio Carnival but in a smaller setting, you simply have to buy tickets for the Mangueira or the Salgueiro balls. You will never be disappointed as the samba school arrives and plays along with an escort, flag bearers, dancers, and their best percussionists, whom they can count on when it comes to pure samba music.

Some of these performers have even become so substantial to the Scala Balls that you can surely catch one of them demonstrating their routines live.

The Scala Balls may also include a fitting homage to the city, Rio de Janeiro. If you like that then you should participate of the “wonderful city” ball or simply the city ball. This is also the best time to get to know more about its people since a huge number of the partygoers are cariocas, term used to describe the natives of the city.

The young ones will appreciate the Beer ball. Besides the free beer all night long, the traditional samba music gives room to a whole new distinct and contemporary sound by adding funk, pop, or techno to it. Hip-hop is also one of the most requested types of tunes played all throughout the night. Pretty much like a night club.

Besides the carnivals, Brazil is also known for its deep love and passion for the soccer, and the club also tries to recognize such devotion. If you love to watch or play the game, you can attend one of the most covered Scala Balls in the country: the red and black ball. That’s a mention to one of the most well know soccer clubs in Rio, Flamengo, that wears red and black in the field. The ball is so popular that TV crews can be seen walking around the club, hunting for well-known national or even international celebrities.

But what’s the best way to end the series of festivities? One of the Scala Balls that has been attracting attention not only of the straight men and women, but also of gays and lesbians is called the Gay Costume ball, or simply, the Gala Gay. Hundreds of drag queens compete silently with one another, when it comes to their samba costumes, while the rest of the people can just watch the details of the elaborated designs, including head and arm pieces, worn by the gays.

No matter what your choice is, any of the Scala balls ensure that you can give yourself a chance to see the culture of the country in the personalities of its people.

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05 de Feb de 2014