Santiago tours compels tourists to stay longer than they plan


Santiago tours will give you a slice of cosmopolitan attractions in a beautiful natural setting coupled with great outdoor activities.

There is lots to do and see in Santiago. You can begin your Santiago tours with the site Cerro San Cristóbal which has a panoramic view and the best place to watch sunset and sunrise.

The chief pedestrian plaza is for shopping, street entertainment and true Santiago charm. You can also visit the Santiago Cathedral here; it’s one of the biggest in Chile. Mercado Central, Santiago’s central market is a good way to see the local way of life.

The Bellavista Avenue has many a nice jazz music joints like the famous Club de Jazz. Sundays are special in Santiago with thousands of locals and tourists flocking the streets Parque Florestal and Barrio Bellas Artes in the evening to have a good time.

For literature and history enthusiasts, there is La Chascona, the home of famous poet of Chile Pablo Neruda with remarkable collection including the noble Prize he won. Villa Grimaldi is another site of historical significance as a torture centre used in the 70s. Its tour is a memoir of the dictator and his human rights violation. La Moneda, the Presidential house courtyard has marvelous sculptures and fountains that are worth seeing. Quinta Normal is the city’s museum district with nearly 10 museums; you could spend an entire day here.

Santiago Chile - City view

Santiago tours will take you to the nearby resorts for skiing and snowboarding. It is one of the very few metropolis located nearby the country’s best ski resorts like the Valle Nevado.

One of the most sought after activity in the Santiago tours is a trip to the vineyards, which Chile is most famous for. You can learn about wine making by picking grapes and actually participating in the process of wine making as well as wine tasting.

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04 de Nov de 2010