Sandy Shores and Quaint Villages Await You at the Sao Paulo Beaches

Romantic soft sand Sao Paulo beaches and calm turquoise blue waters beckon you from your hotel hammock to frolic in the surf.

While the village of Morro Sao Paulo has only dirt roads and no cars there are still many modern restaurants, hotels and even ATMs. This is a busy tourist town thanks to the many beaches in the area as well as the Morro Sao Paulo tours available.

One of the most popular activities in the area is scuba diving. There are two diving shops on Tinhare Island to rent equipment. Most divers visit from November through March, as this is the best time to dive. October is not a favorite time to dive as the storms decrease underwater visibility dramatically. Morro Sao Paulo tours to the boats docks are worthwhile for the avid shopper. Walk past first beach to find some of the best clothing stores on the island. Be sure to pick up a pair of Brazil’s famous Havaiana flip-flops.

The main reason travelers flock to this area is to see the Morro Sao Paulo beaches. Almost all the beaches can be reached on foot. Some are made for swimming and others are a bit rocky. The beaches are numbered first, second third and fourth as you travel through town.

First Beach has the zipline landing as it comes off the lighthouse. Second Beach is favored by the younger crowd and capoeira competitions take place daily. Third beach is known for its coral reef and snorkeling and diving are very popular. Fourth Beach is the quietest of the beaches with small natural pools.

There are also several other Morro Sao Paulo beaches that can be enjoyed. Encanto Beach is also called the Beach of Enchantment and it is an extension of Fourth Beach. Garapua is fronted by several small pousadas and a fishing village. Ponta da Pedra is about a 30-minute walk from downtown and is the gateway to the village of Gamboa. About 20 minutes further along the shore is Gamboa Beach. This beach is gradually being developed as tourists discover is relatively untouched shores. However, it is still fairly empty and quiet.


Would you like to spend the day on a beautiful beach and have it all to yourself?

20 de Nov de 2010