Samba School Unidos Da Tijuca: An Illustrious Contender

Here are some facts regarding to the Unidos da Tijuca school!

As one of the most illustrious samba schools, Unidos da Tijuca samba school enjoys a lot of benefits being a well-financed school and having an amazing leadership year after year. TheUnidos da Tijuca samba school is also very accommodating and tolerant to those who wish to join the parade as long as they have the proper costumes. Considered as one of the elite schools, it is also one of the older samba schools that are still present until today. The Unidos da Tijuca 2011 is very much awaited because of their innovation, use of technology and the refined dances and routines.

Unidos da Tijuca Samba school

The Unidos da Tijuca is the result of the merging of 4 carnival schools from, Formiga, Casa Branca as well as the Velhacos Island. It was formed in December 31 1931. By 1936, the school has won 1st place. During the course of its existence, Unidos da Tijuca samba school underwent upheavals and reorganization and by the 1980s, with the guidance of Paulo Cesar Cardoso, the school was elevated to the first place. However, issues and problems led to the sending back of the school to Access group. By 2010, the school commissioned Paolo Barros as the producer and this has led to unimaginable success and has led the school to win  in the competition this year.

Unidos da Tijuca samba school uses blue, white and gold as their color and the peacock as their symbol. The use of the colors is very amazing and it adds a level of vibrancy in the designs. The peacock is just amazingly flamboyant and lovely and it just adds to the appeal of their performance. They use their dancers as part of the floats that are known as human sculptures. Unidos da Tijuca 2011 was the very first ones to do it and it caught on really fast.

12 de Oct de 2010