Samba School Salgueiro: True Creativity

With its fresh appeal, How does Salguero defy the odds?

We all know that when it comes to performance in the Rio carnival, everything has to be perfect. There is nothing wrong with a little excess. Only one group is capable of whipping out an amazing volume of costume, unique point of views and an amazing performance. Salgueiro samba school is a force to reckon with in the Specialty group and their uniqueness is their strongest asset.

In 1953, the Salgueiro samba school was formed as the merging of 2 different samba schools and when they first performed in 1954, they were quickly recognized for their amazing dance routines and were given the 3rd price among all the schools. By the 60s, the Salgueiro won 3 more titles and by 1971, they won with the plot of Party of a Black King.  The sheer creativity, point of view, amazing dance routines and decadence freshened up and shook up the conventional rules of the Carnival.

By the 1980s, they have not won any titles and were only back for the prowl in 1993 with their won. In the year 2000 onwards, we are still to see the refreshing new win for the Salgueiro samba school but the truth of the matter is that they have forever changed the way we see samba performance and their notable presentations are very much notable until today. The middle classes really favor the amazing creativity of the Salgueiro but for Salgueiro 2011, many are hoping that the judges and they will have a common ground and be recognized for their intense creativity.

At the present, the Salgueiro 2011 focuses on children and formed a junior samba school to hone and develop their creative talents and to push the barriers of dance, song and costuming. The main school is always on the prowl for a new championship title but sooner or later we will be able to see them win again.

Salgueiro samba school in Rio de Janeiro Brazil Famous for its sensational ‘ultra muses’ and outstanding samba dancer, Salgueiro’s marvellous themes, luxury and creativity in Carnival parades leaves enduring memories. Learn about Salgueiro, this traditional school in Rio Carnival.

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12 de Oct de 2010