Samba-enredo is the greatest star of the Sambadrome parades

It’s the greatest star of the Carnival parades. Not by chance the organizations are named SAMBA schools.  Also it’s one of the most important items for evaluation, one that can change the entire course of the competition. Learn a little more about the samba-enredo.

Every samba school presentation starts its project by choosing a theme – what usually takes place between right after the Carnival or as late as May. After that, a sort of outline is written and handed out to composers of each school to serve as a guide. From July till October, the schools are busy with the contest to choose the best song. There are some preliminaries during which compositions that are not compatible are ruled out.

The great final gathers three or four of the best contestants that present in the samba school headquarter along with the drum section. It’s a great party but also a fierce competition. A group of people from the school has the responsibility to choose the one song that will become from that momento on their hymn. Once decided, the winner composition will receive some adjustments suggested by the official singer and the drums section will help give the song a version that is very close to the one which will happen during the parade. We say happen because the greatest moment of a samba-enredo (theme-samba) is the 75 minutes of the parade. Great songs may confirm its greatness, not so praised songs suddenly make the whole public sing along. It’s one of the nicest mysteries of Carnival.

Samba-enredo is the soul of a samba school parade as well as the drums section is the heart. These two unresistible elements made the fame of samba schools until they reached the status of most important Rio Carnival’s event during the 1960’s.

Here you can hear some of the most famous samba themes along the history: 

Every Carnival, the genre has an addition of roughly 70 new songs, one for every active samba school in Rio. Nowadays they are all recorded but unfortunately the largest part of it survives only to the Carnival and are soon forgotten meanwhile some enter the anthology either because they had very good quality or made a lot of success during the parade and caused the school to achieve a remarkable position.

In 2018 we have a very interesting group of songs, many reflecting the country’s difficulties or exploring other themes that are less probable in a year sponsors are more generous to invest in the Carnival parades.

Listen to the playlist with songs of the elite samba schools for Carnival 2018:

The Access Group is composed of great samba schools that are trying to come back or reach the elite team. They also have very interesting songs this year on themes like Brazil’s history of popular struggles.

Listen to the Access group playlist:

09 de Feb de 2018