Rio de Janeiro offers some interesting places for burger lovers

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its “low cuisine” a good-humored name invented in oppostion to “haute cuisine”, the gourmet food of fancy restaurants. It’s basically made os snacks and appetizers in the best Portuguese tradition. But it ‘s also possible to find options for those who can’t stay without pizzas, sushis and sandwiches. Let’s go through a selection of burger places.

B, de burger, Teixeira de Melo, 21 em Ipanema &  Av. Das Américas 8.585, Barra da Tijuca

In a vintage décor, the house offers its burgers charbroiled, granting seared and juicy meat. They have just two blends of burgers, a chicken steak option and another one for veggetarians, made of shitake with onion reduction. Also have two options of hot dogs. It’s open every day at noon, closing 12AM (Mon-Wed), 2AM (Thu-Sat) and 1AM (Sun).


Picture: Facebook B de Burguer


Beco do Hambuguer, Beco dos Barbeiros and Rua da Quitanda, 190

There is only one blend of meat, made of chuck and Angus beef, what produces a very juicy and tender burger. You can add cheese, bacon, ketchup, mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and a special tarragon mayonnaise. For those who don’t eat meat, there is a version made of black beans and ckickpeas, matured cheddar and herbs with tahine sauce. Fries are sprinkled with paprika. It’s open from 11AM-6PM from Monday to Friday.

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Picture: Soul & Food


Meating Homemade Burgers, Marquês de São Vicente, 3, Loja B

The shop named its burgers after rock styles. For instance, the Indie is made of meat, emmenthal cheese, bacon in a bourbon caramel and aoili sauce in a potato bun. The veggie version is called Alternative and is made of chickpeas. You can order along with French fries or sweet potato chips. It’s open 11AM-midnight (Mon-Wed); 11AM-1AM (Thu-Sat).

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Picture: Facebook Meating


Hell’s Burger, R. Muniz Barreto, 805, Loja 1  Botafogo

There are only 3 burger options, one of them an interesting blend of ribs and bacon and the other two 100% rib meat, all with cheddar cheese on top. The place is small and has just a few tables, so you’d better order it on the counter. It offers two types of barbecue sauce Voodoo and So It’s Hot Stupid – which is, well, more spicy. Mon-Thu, midday-11PM; Fri and Sat, 12PM 1-AM.

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Picture: Facebook Hell’s Burguer I Mario Vieira


Hummburg, rua da Quitanda, 202, Centro

Another option downtown is this joint with basic décor and a thoughtful service. Having a majority of corporate clients, they offer bibs so you don’t get your clothes dirty or stained by ketchup or mayo. Crunchy bacon, aoili mayonnaise and a potato bun top juicy meats. Working hours: Mon-Fri, 11:30AM to 6:30PM.

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Picture: Facebook Hummburg

08 de Aug de 2017