Reimagining Iguazu

Capturing beauty of Iguazu is relative, impossible, implied. Can you capture its essence?

If you are like many other tourists, you will be wearing a digital camera secured around your neck and a video camera by your side the ultimate traveler in television shows have their own team but here you are a one man show. It is the great desire of many photographers and nature lovers to capturing Iguazu in its full glory. In fact, capturing Iguazu is just one of the things that people do while they are in this location aside from having fun.

Iguazu Falls in Brazil

In reality, it is a difficult task capturing Iguazu. Even if a picture paints a thousand words, it is very hard to capture the magnificence of the falls on a framed, motionless image. It is possible to view the falls in video but the frames would not be able to handle the real intensity of the falls. It is really true that the beauty of nature is one of the greatest mysteries of life but the great thing about capturing Iguazu is that you get to have your personal idea of how the location looks like in your own point of view.

For an individual, capturing Iguazu is a challenge. We all know that what we see every second is a different falls and a different river. The time and the immortal value of the image exude great impact to anyone who wishes to view your interpretation. It would take thousands of shots to get the best view of the falls. It takes a lot of energy just to capture that great one shot. For an amateur photographer, capturing Iguazu can be a nonchalant documentation of experiences but for those who desire to capture the soul of the majestic falls, it is best to understand the beauty of life and the impossibility of capturing something cathartic like Iguazu Falls.

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07 de Nov de 2010