Recife: An Important Tourist Center

A gateway to the great beaches and is a cultural hub, walk in and be amazed at Recife

General info about Recife

Recife is the capital of Pernambuco and is considered as one of the biggest and the most important city in the northeastern part of Brazil. This city was founded by Dutch explorers and has a very vibrant culture. Some of its parts belong to the old town and there are also beaches in the area. Recife consists of 4 major areas being the Centro, the northern part, the western part and the southern part. It has amazing routes and proximity to some of the best beaches in Brazil and the urban aggregation of Recife or grand Recife is an excellent tourist destination as it is.

Accommodations in Recife

The hotels in Recife are thriving and there is a great diversity for different kinds of travelers. Some vacationists transit only from Recife to the nearby beach destinations. Some of course stay and could either be on a business trip in Recife or taking a vacation in this scenic urban area. Budget hotels are great for those who are most likely not going to stay very long in Recife. The mid-range hotels have more amenities than budget ones and are in a way still on the practical pricing bracket. The expensive hotels are the hotels to go for if you want to take a luxurious getaway and you want to explore the amenities and the beautiful views of Recife from your window. For economy options, try Best Western Manibu. For other options, check out Mar Hotel, Atlante Plaza and Beach Class.


Activities in Recife

There are so many things you can do in Recife and aside from the usual shopping, dining, bar hopping, clothes buying, taking pictures and those basic stuff, you should take the time to really explore the amazing richness of this thriving cultural city. There are tons of museums offering exhibitions on art, folklore, history and many other interesting things regarding Recife. To better understand and get a deeper appreciation of the area, you should take the time to explore its past and you will certainly see some historic buildings here in Recife. Other than that, check out the amazing beaches in Recife.

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12 de Feb de 2011