Reasons why you should definitely come to Rio for the Carnival 2019


If you are still undecided whether or not paying a visit to Rio in Carnival 2019, we present you with five great reasons so that you can make up your mind. Not to mention the time is on your favor, since the party will begin on March 1st.  There’s enough time to plan ahead.

  • The Samba Schools

Rio is home to this very Brazilian cultural manifestation and it’s always an unforgettable show. Their presentation is divided into two categories: A Series, or Access Group, the contenders trying a spot at the main show; and the Special Group that aggregates the most famous samba schools. On Wednesday we know which schools were best ranked and those present again in a final celebration held in the subsequent Saturday known as the Champions Parade. Watching it from up close is a life experience. HERE is how you can buy your tickets.


  • Samba Parties

Rio is a great place to find a nice samba party, or “roda de samba” as the locals call it. If you arrive in town some days before Carnival there will be many options. Most famous one happens at Pedra do Sal, in the old part of the city but a good bet is going to the bohemian Lapa District, thriving with joy in the countdown to the Carnival. There is even one “roda” specialized in playing samba schools songs so that you can get used to the Sambadrome music.



  • The blocos and bandas

Blocos and bandas (bands) are groups of people that get together to sing and dance during Carnival. Some are more like parties held in specific spots in town. Others set a place for the get together and then march through some streets of their districts in a much more informal way if compared to a samba school. Some have percussion bands, others just a powerful sound mounted on a truck. There are litterally hundreds of those groups spread around the city partying as early as January but the largest parades happen in Carnival days. The music also vary a lot going from traditional carnival songs up to Beatles hits. You may use a costume, bathing suits or light clothes to avoid the heat.


  • Local food

A mixture of traditional Portuguese cuisine and the African inheritance brought with the slaves influences Rio cuisine. You may try fancy food but the real fun is taste the uncountable number of appetizers like the “empadinhas” (a baked buttered dough stuffed with chicken or shrimp) always paired with beer. Also give it a try to the feijoada, the black beans stew along with the world famous caipirinha.


  • Touristic Attractions

Other than eating out or going to the nearly endless number of Carnival events, you may be interested in exploring the tourist jewels of Rio. There are many museums like The Rio Art Museum (MAR) or the Museu do Amanhã, installed in a futuristic building by the sea. In the same region you can visit the ruins of the slave trade harbor “Cais do Valongo” and the Rio Aquarium. And although it will be crowded you shouldn’t leave without going to the Sugar Loaf and visit the Christ the Redeemer Monument. Both give a spectacular view of the city. Also explore the 70km long shoreline and hike the trails of the tropical forest.


Photos: Riotur

13 de Dec de 2018