Ready For A Party Preparing For Rio Carnival 2014

Rio is teeming with energy so prepare to enjoy all that carnival can give you.

Are you ready for a real party?

Time is ticking, every second speeds up. Rio carnival 2014 is coming and you have you must be part of this majestic event. Go alone or go with friends, you will surely have a blast when you get there to experience the charm of Rio Carnival yourself. It is a visual feast on TV but it is more than just dancing or singing or having fun.

Carnival in Rio is all about passion, experience, earth-shattering feeling when the drums echo around the Sambadromo. It is about the magnificence of the streets of Rio and the fantastic fireworks. It is about making new acquaintances and exploring new cultures. No other place can give that than Rio de Janeiro and it is only during Carnival that it really goes full circle.

The most amazing spectacles you should watch in Rio carnival is the Samba parade. The special group will certainly astound you with their exuberance, opulence and passion. Another thing you should really participate are the Carnival balls, But please note that some balls are not very touristic and you should only attend if you are ok with hanging out with locals.

Of course, you should also go outside and see the street parties and feel the energy and vibrancy present in everyone. It is the place to be around February and the beginning of March. Reserve a ticket now!

13 de Oct de 2013