The Power Of The Rio Carnival Costumes

How can incredible costumes take you to the next level?

The Rio Carnival is a celebration of colors, of dancing, music and pure energy and it would not be complete without the essential Brazilian costume for this special event. Year after year, designs and looks of the brazilian carnival costume becomes more out of this world and the show gets even more exciting.

For some who do not really get the event, costumes are meant to be worn for the Rio’s Samba Parade. A theme is chosen by the community organizers and the school has to present a story on the avenue, using floats, costumes and the samba song. The Brazilian costume that is used for the carnival parade varies from school to school. But undoubtly they are a great part of the show. Everything has to be exaggerated since the performance will not be seen by everyone in close up. The outfits need to be fit and be adorned generously and it is not about fashion but about performance.

Did you know you can be part of the samba parade? There are some group of costumes  available for sale and tourists can participate at the show. You wear it and feel the energy that emanates around you. The Brazilian costume empowers and makes you feel like you are taking part in the most amazing presentation in the world.

Take a look at what is available for 2014. Get your very own costume and participate! Wanna watch the parade live or go with the dancers being part of a samba school? It’s up to you!


27 de Sep de 2013