Porto Alegre: A peaceful city

Porto Alegre is all about beautiful women, great books and a rich culture

General info about Porto Alegre

The biggest city by the south of Brazil and the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre is a flourishing city with impeccable literacy and economic advantage. It is also the city that merges the diverse cultures of Portuguese, Spanish, Platinian and Brazilian cultures. It is where many Brazilian consider the most beautiful women in Brazil are. It could only mean that the concept of beauty in Brazil is not only based on looks but also based on literacy and independence. It is a place of great revolutionaries and at the present time, it’s a peaceful city filled with amazing energy and its economy is service based.


Accommodations in Porto Alegre

Since Porto Alegre is undoubtedly a massive city, there is no denying that this place is teeming with amazing hotels that can fit the budget of every traveler. If you are a backpacker, then do not worry. There are some good budget hotels that offer basic room amenities and some others offer breakfast and much more. Prices are very cheap so you can rally stretch the value of your vacation money. For those who know how to splurge and spend on amazing hotels, there are amazing luxury hotels in Porto Alegre. If you are on a business trip or you were invited to stay in Porto Alegre, choose these hotels, it is a great experience staying in one of Porto Alegre’s amazing hotel offerings. Some good options are Blue Tree Millenium, Plaza Sao Rafael and Sheraton four Points.

Activities in Porto Alegre

This city is filled with urban parks with lakes in them, churches, museums and establishments. You should also check out some great deals on books in October at the book fair since the prices for some rare books and new ones are in a very low price. You should also check the central market and shopping malls for some supplies, fresh food and great prices. Restaurants are also very popular here so choose from budget ones, and maybe splurge on one of the more expensive restaurants for balance.

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02 de Feb de 2011