Plan The Adventure Of A Lifetime With Tours Galapagos

Get ready to experience an island world like no other with Cruise Galapagos.

The Galapagos Islands lie off the coast of Ecuador and are a result of volcanic activity in the sea. There are 13 main islands here and the most popular way of visiting them is the Cruise Galapagos. Every Cruise Galapagos starts from one of the two airports that the islands have. The cruises are divided into various categories. You will find luxury Cruise Galapagos to economic and budget ones. There are also different kinds of ships to choose from. Your options range from luxury liners, to yachts, catamarans and smaller boats. Group sizes for these, vary from 8 to over 31 people.

If a Cruise Galapagos is a little too laid back for you, then try the adventure tours. Packed with unlimited action, the adventure Tours Galapagos allow you to explore the islands doing fun activities like horse riding etc. There are a host of activities that are designed to give you the true taste of the land. Mountain biking, kayaking and snorkeling provide you with up close and personal experience that you will never forget. These tours shuttle between islands. Speedboats and private planes are used as a mode of transport.

For true blue water babies, the diving Tours Galapagos are a must. Like the other options mentioned above, there are plenty of diving tours that you can choose from. There are tours that are conducted on board, hotel based, island hopping etc. Tours Galapagos are 3 to 8 days long and are guaranteed to leave you in complete awe of the land. The marine reserve that is part of these islands is the world’s 2nd largest. You will not only come across a wide variety of underwater life but you will also see some unique species. It has been aptly coined as one of the seven wonders of the underwater world.


So what’s your visit going to be? A cruise Galapagos, an adventure or a diving tour?

12 de Nov de 2010