The Passions Of Samba Schools

Witness the immense energy that each school exerts for the carnival.

With the creation of Samba in the form of dance and music, the world witnessed the most beautiful parade of all which is the Samba parade that catapults Brazil into the most important and visited party capitals across the world. There is no denying that they dance really well but the real deal here is the way they present their amazing craft. The Rio samba school is dedicated not as a school for formal instruction but as a community. It is all about the amazing concept of community building and goal-centric pursuit of dreams to become the best Samba school Rio de Janeiro. It’s a tough competition and the only way to be recognized is to have a place in the Rio Carnival.

The Rio samba school is an organization of people within communities. They live together so they know each other. They do the entire job prior to the carnival. They market for the creation of the float, they train very hard for the samba dance routine, they ensure that their costumes are good and interesting and they also make sure that everything will go as planned. Handling a big school is very difficult and so it really is all about support from each other to achieve a goal. These aspects are perfectly executed by the members of the special group made of big schools that create the most impeccable Carnival presentations. The appeal of the Samba school Rio de Janeiro is intense and amazing and is bound to blow your minds off.

The most important virtue that could ever be provided by the Rio samba school is the value of determination, of following your passions, of living a happy life and doing your best to achieve a goal as a community. Nothing gets any better than that.

23 de Feb de 2014