Pantanal North: A glimpse of Amazon

Pantanal North is a natural destination that will surely captivate your mind and environmental awareness

General info about Pantanal North

At the heart of South America, to the West of Brazil and extend to Bolivia and some parts of Paraguay, plays an important living system. Pantanal is a precious gem in the heart of South America and it is one of the biggest of not the biggest freshwater wetland ecosystems in the world. Extending from an area of around 145,000km2 to around 200,000km2 Pantanal is an important source of life to this area of the world and consequently the rest of the world. The home to more than 3000 species of animals and a dwelling place to exotic animals, Pantanal North are much influenced by the mighty Amazonia compared to the South which is influenced by the Chaco and Atlantic rainforest. Of course they do have differences but they are both impeccable and appealing.

Accommodations in Pantanal North

To stay in Pantanal, you should explore the fazendas and these are great locations to experience the beauty of Pantanal. They are owned by cattle herders and they are simple lodges that give good views to the rainforest. It is authentic scenery so it really adds up to the appeal and glory of Pantanal. You can go to other lodges but they do not have that authentic appeal thus they do not offer that much excitement compared to authentic fazendas. You are there for the experience so make sure to go for authenticity. How about Araras Lodge, Rio Mutum or Jaguar Research for some nice hotel options.


Activities in Pantanal North

Seeing the inside of Pantanal North is like exploring the world at its best. Look at the many species of birds, insects and reptiles in Pantanal North and check out the amazing appeal of the broadleaf forest of the Amazon. Take pictures or better yet, capture the beauty of Pantanal in video. You will love the immaculate beauty of this location as different from anything else that the world could offer. There is much beauty in the world than just mere buildings and the natural system of Pantanal serves as a majestic symbol of the might nature and how we should preserve it.

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06 de Feb de 2011