The Copacabana Palace (Main Build) Hotel in Rio de Janeiro

A closer look at the Copacabana Palace (Main Build) located in Rio de Janeiro. 

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Copacabana Palace is one of the most famous and well known hotels in the world. The hotel boasts film stars and royalties as their guests. It became famous world over after a dancing sequence of the popular movie Flying Down to Rio was shot in this hotel. In the dancing scene, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire danced together in this hotel. Facing the Copacabana beach, and at the same time just minutes away from Rio; it enjoys an unparalleled location.

The main building has one hundred and forty seven accommodation units. They are divided as seventy one suites and seventy six standard guest rooms. All the rooms are equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, satellite television, telephones with voice mails, a digital safe for your valuables and cash, wireless internet access, a well stocked mini bar etc.

Copacabana Palace boasts a large and well maintained swimming pool. It is undoubtedly the best in Rio. Plus there is a tennis court that will invite you to learn the sport for the sake of playing in the beautiful court. For those who wish to pamper themselves can visit the spa or beauty saloon. One can avail the fitness centre if they want to stay in shape after indulging in the food delights offered by the hotel.

Every small need including laundry, baby sitting services are taken care of.

The Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Copacabana Palace also offers luxurious lounges and bars and restaurants. The two of finest restaurants in Rio are here for you. The Hotel Cipriani restaurant, offering a host of northern Italian specialties, often frequented by the cream of Rio and who go back more than satisfied. The Pergula restaurant, situated by the pool, offers international cuisine. Drinks and snacks are served on the pool terrace throughout the day. Both are unique in their cuisines and serve happiness and delight on their platters.

The services offered by the staff are commendable. The staff is professional and well trained to cater to all your needs and not give you any reason to complain. You can choose to dine in the comfort of the room by asking the room service.

One can indulge in water sports nearby. You can go for body boarding, enjoy a cruise or have fun snorkelling. One can also enjoy golf or feel the soft sand while playing beach volleyball or beach football.

This spectacular hotel lives up to its “palace” title. It makes you feel like a king who is presented the best services, the best food, the best staff and the grandest luxuries. So, pack your bags and set for Rio de Janeiro to enjoy an unforgettable holiday at Copacabana Palace!

The Mangueira Samba School – a collective neighborhood effort that ensures success

A demonstration of how an entire community comes together to achieve a common goal – the Mangueira samba school success recipe.

Established in the year 1928, the Mangueira samba school is the oldest amongst all the existing samba schools. It is a very popular school because of its successful samba hall, its old traditions and the support it gets from the whole community. Given its strong performance year after year, Mangueira 2011 will surely be another highlight.

Located at Rua Visconde de Niterói 1072, the Mangueira samba school holds samba nights every Saturday at 22:00 hours. Nights spent dancing here is always exciting and special. The facility housing the Mangueirasamba school, known as Palacio do Samba, boasts of state of the art technology and superior infrastructure facilities. It even has air conditioning, a retractable rooftop and water sprays from the fans to keep all the revelers comfortable.

As it has done for several years now, team Mangueira 2011 will also sport the hallmark green and pink colored costumes with a sense of well-earned pride. With more than eighty years of tradition behind them, the school has won the Sambodrome Championship a total of seventeen times, including the very first Parade Championship in 1932 and the 1984 Parade which was the first one to be held in the Sambadrome.

The Mangueira Samba School


It has not always been smooth sailing for the school, however. It has had its share of low moments, especially when the media in Brazil brought out alleged links with drug dealers and criminal bookies in 2008. It is expected that Mangueira 2011 will be well and truly beyond such dark shadows.

In actual fact, Mangueira is much more than just a samba school. It is a well established commercial enterprise with its own brand equity. The dancers work within their community for its own good and this makes them very popular amongst the locals. This aspect makes the samba school unique when compared to many others.

Will 2011 be the year of the Mangueira samba school?